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Pawa2 - real time, any time

Pawa Channel

Platforms require channels to provide data for the EPG in a specific way. Many channels now broadcast across multiple platforms and multiple territories which all require different specifications.
  • Restructure scheduling information for every channel
  • Meet the requirements of each platform in any territory
  • One point of contact
Alongside the technical ability to deliver schedules, EBS also offer a wide range of editorial services to channels. Understanding that the EPG is a key marketing tool, its skilled editors create eye-catching copy which sets channels apart from the crowd.
  • Proofreading
  • Translation
  • Highlights creation
  • Metadata management
  • Press document production

Pawa Platform

Pawa enables platforms to deal with the schedules for their full portfolio of channels simply by aggregating all data through a central system for consistency and ease of workflow.
  • Source channel schedule data direct from a broadcaster in any format
  • Proofread editorial content
  • Supply additional data specific to the platform
  • Full service proposition: copywriting, translation, distribution and highlight summaries for print and online publications

Pawa is extremely adept at handling and distributing metadata such as cast, genre, duration of programme, country of origin, director, year of production and images, as well as programme start-over and programme catch-up flags. Not all channels are able to deliver that level of data and platforms are turning to EBS to provide a solution to this problem.
EPG, VOD, DTO Data Listings Providers

Pawa Listings

EBS collates listings for over 650 TV and radio stations in the UK and Ireland and has a database spanning more than 10 years. This provides clients including Ofcom and set-top box manufacturers with high-quality TV schedules for hundreds of channels.
  • Provide TV listings to a comprehensive array of cross-platform services: mobile apps to print-ready TV guides
  • Print-ready exports for highlights, editorial, metadata, recommendations
  • Listings feeds sent directly to websites or apps: customised to only send data required, in any format.