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EBS and Viasat World sign major new Amazon channels supply deal
World-leading EPG services provider EBS is pleased to announce a major new supply deal with leading international media company Viasat World. EBS now delivers all VOD metadata for Viasat World’s TV1000 Russian Kino catalogue of films on Amazon Channels across the UK and Germany.

Already Russia’s most popular movie channel, the new OTT and mobile service will give Russian speakers access to an unrivalled selection of Russian language movies from independent and award-winning films to big blockbusters featuring the greatest stars. TV1000 Russian Kino brings an unparalleled collection of Russian language movies to a global audience, distributed with the help of EBS’ powerful metadata and scheduling solution Pawa2. This is the first time that Pawa2 has been used on a web-based VOD channel, highlighting its peerless adaptability in an increasingly fractured marketplace.

“It’s such an exciting time in the industry,” explains EBS Managing Director Keith Bedford. “Consumers have an incredible variety of content at their fingertips, and at least as many choices about how they want to access that content.”

“The TV1000 Russian Kino Amazon channel is the perfect example of this, and we’re really proud that Viasat World has seen the benefits of applying Pawa2 to a service with so much global potential.”
Lena Koskela, Head of Planning at Viasat World comments, “Launching TV1000 Russian Kino on Amazon Prime complements our core business. It demonstrates Viasat World’s unique status as an independent company, and our ability to be quick to adopt the best new technologies so we can better serve our partners and our audiences in today's fast changing media landscape.”

Pawa2 allows content suppliers to easily adapt their EPGs to the needs of any distribution platform, anywhere in the world. It ensures that media companies can effortlessly control brand consistency across all outlets, regardless of where and when content is accessed.
As well as being a one-stop database for organising and distributing schedules and metadata, Pawa2 is also capable of providing separate libraries for every channel a client operates. This ensures that data always fits a channel identity, and allows broadcasters to manage tailored workflows for both linear and non-linear services internally.
“The popularity of Pawa2 says everything that needs saying about it,” Keith adds. “Broadcasters big and small, delivering their content in every way imaginable, trust our solution absolutely to meet all of their workflow requirements.”

About EBS:
EBS connects TV data providing quality, accurate and comprehensive metadata and EPG services to platforms worldwide. EBS’ flagship scheduling application Pawa, coupled with its editorial expertise and in-house development team, allows the company to differentiate itself from its competitors by delivering unrivalled and unique client focussed propositions. EBS can deliver EPG data in any file format required and can provide additional data sets to compliment categories such as Twitter hashtags and rights-approved, high-quality programme images. EBS’ services include: EPG scheduling and distribution; TV metadata solutions; VOD-EPG integration; comprehensive image library; press schedules; and editorial and translation services. EBS has over 20 years’ experience working with key players in the industry such as BBC Worldwide, BT Sport, AMC Networks, Discovery Networks, Viasat World, MultiChoice and Sky. For further information about EBS and Pawa please see www.ebs.tv and www.pawa.tv.
About Viasat World:
Viasat World is a leading international media company with a comprehensive channel and SVOD portfolio spanning the factual, entertainment, drama, film and sport genres. Operating 27 Pay-TV channels and on-demand services in key markets, we have over 145 million subscriptions across 50+ countries and territories.  Our world-class, compelling content is available in 17 different languages, expertly curated across our 19 content brands. Born out of a vast library of celebrated, contemporary programming, our core factual entertainment brands, Viasat Explore, Viasat History, Viasat Nature and Viasat Life, bring history to life, tell nature’s own stories and deliver timeless real-life entertainment through inspirational storytelling. Launching in key markets in December 2017, flagship content brand Epic Drama will be home to the world’s best drama series. In addition, our seven distinct TV1000 movie channels, including TV1000, TV1000 Action, TV1000 Russian Kino and TV1000 Premium HD, position us as the number one movie provider in Russia. The channels screen everything from Hollywood blockbusters to the very best internationally-acclaimed titles, featuring some of the greatest stars of all time. Committed to digital excellence, our aim is to secure SVOD rights for almost all of our content. We operate ViP Play, a streaming service available in Russia and CIS, giving viewers access to our portfolio of channels and full content library. The TV1000 Russian Kino direct-to-consumer service is the latest addition to our digital portfolio, providing subscribers outside of Russia with access to a vast collection of the latest and greatest Russian films and TV series.
EBS contacts:
Keith Bedford
Managing Director
+ 44 (0) 1462 895 999
Choice vs. Quality in the Age of Innovation
EBS Managing Director Keith Bedford warns that in a marketplace dominated by the idea of consumer choice as the foundation for successful growth, the standard of content delivery should not be allowed to slide.
In the early 1980s, Howard Moskowitz was tasked with finding the perfect pasta sauce for a struggling U.S. food brand. He conducted an experiment in which a test group tried 45 varieties of pasta sauce, and voted on the best one. The results of this experiment lead to one of the most influential business innovations of the 20th Century.

Howard discovered that the group didn’t prefer one product, but that they liked plain, chunky, and spicy pasta sauces in roughly equal measure. Based on this evidence, Howard’s client released all three sauces at once, and made $600 million in profit over the next decade.

The message was clear: customers didn’t want to be told which product was ideal; they wanted to choose the product that was right for them.

Over the years this idea has changed businesses and industries worldwide. Broadcast entertainment has undergone decades of rapid innovation and segmentation in the name of consumer choice. Today the number of viewing options available to end users borders on the staggering. Content can be accessed in linear, PPV/VOD, DTO, streaming, and catch-up formats, with a plethora of companies offering a selection of extra service options and cost packages on top of this again.

But has this segmentation left us with a market that is fractured almost to the point of being inaccessible? These days it is not unfamiliar to hear of consumers struggling to understand how to access their desired content, or even to find out which platform that content sits on. With that in mind, is it time to ask if our culture of innovation is serving the end user as well as it could be?

At EBS, we work with our clients to provide exceptional content data and scheduling information across all broadcasting services. Utilising our innovative metadata solution Pawa2, we offer content suppliers the ability to easily adapt their metadata to the requirements of any distribution platform, anywhere in the world. In this way we can ensure that our clients are offering end users the same high-quality information however they are accessing their chosen content.
Looking to the future, it’s difficult to say whether market fragmentation will continue at the same pace, but at EBS we have ensured that our centralised metadata libraries are ready to be rolled out across whatever services they may be required on, either now or in the years to come.

It’s a dramatic and exciting time in broadcast entertainment, and we need to be ready to adapt quickly not just to the changes that we have become used to, but also to the changes that nobody is yet anticipating.

To this end the amount of choice on offer may be crucial, but the quality of content delivery will always be paramount.
Industry-leading metadata provider EBS signs major exclusive deal with ITV
EBS, the leading full-service provider of EPG and VOD metadata for platforms and channels worldwide, has announced a major new deal with the largest commercial family of channels in the UK, ITV. The deal sees EBS providing its extensive range of EPG metadata services to ITV’s impressive portfolio of 10 channels, spanning 17 regions. 

Building upon our successful partnership for which EBS delivered ITV Choice for African and Asian platforms, as well as ITV Box Office PPV events, the new partnership will allow ITV to maximise their value as an integrated broadcaster, delivering accurate and comprehensive world-class metadata to a variety of affiliates and platforms worldwide.

Key services supplied to ITV by EBS include: EPG data, press listings, image-led weekly and seasonal highlights and extensive editorial services using its bespoke software solution Pawa2.
 “We’re extremely pleased to be extending our existing relationship with EBS to include work across our portfolio of channels, and to be making further use of their Pawa2 metadata solution in the process,” said Ian Cottrell.

“Pawa2 is incredibly easy to use, providing us with both exceptional visibility and comprehensive control of all of our programme metadata and scheduling information. We look forward to seeing this new partnership in action.”
EBS’ Pawa2 is a multi-platform, multi-territory, scalable software solution that drives content discovery. Pawa2 provides ITV with a streamlined, fully integrated data workflow capable of delivering a real-time, anytime service. It is also a practical and sophisticated solution to the issues that many broadcasters and content owners now face when sending data to multiple platforms in a number of different formats, languages and time zones.
In addition, Pawa2 will enable ITV to future-proof their metadata offering, particularly in the ever-emerging VOD and DTO market. This will allow ITV to unlock new growth opportunities both domestically and internationally.
EBS Managing Director Keith Bedford says, “This is a major deal for EBS, and we are very excited to make this announcement.”

“As viewers take more and more control of when, where and on which device they access content, the challenge for broadcasters like ITV is to make sure their content is always front and centre, and with exceptional EPG data. We’re very proud to be working with such a well-respected brand, who is leading the way in our ever-shifting media landscape.”
EBS signs deal with the global leader in media intelligence - Kantar Media
The industry-leading and globally-renowned metadata provider EBS are pleased to announce that we are the preferred TV listings supplier for Kantar Media, a global leader in media intelligence.
Kantar Media’s primary role is to deliver best in class data and services to help their clients drive communications strategies efficiently and effectively. EBS are delighted to be working with Kantar Media in order to assist them in fulfilling this service.
This deal sees the Pawa Listings arm of the business delivering accurate and comprehensive linear TV schedules and metadata directly to Kantar Media in a format that meets their needs.
The Pawa TV Listings supplied will be used to provide programme names for Kantar Media’s proprietary TV analysis software Infosys+/Instar Analytics and also to populate programme names in daily spreadsheet reports. These reports and software services are used by both internal and external clients of Kantar Media in the UK, India and Pakistan, amongst others.
Pawa is the global metadata solution that drives content discovery. A bespoke cloud-based software, Pawa provides a multi-platform, multi-territory, scalable solution that enables EPG data to be aggregated, enhanced and distributed by the dedicated EBS editorial team or in-house by our portfolio of broadcasters ensuring a seamless EPG service that is adaptable and accommodating.
The scalable and flexible capability of Pawa Listings allows for up-to-the-minute changes and late amendments to be captured, processed, published and distributed to our client base on a real-time basis, and at any time.
EBS Managing Director Keith Bedford says, “EBS are delighted to be working with a market leader in audience and media measurement.  Pawa, our comprehensive software platform and our ability to make changes to the system will enable our relationship to move and grow with the market requirements. EBS already work with TV Channels that are also clients of Kantar Media, and this will just enhance the data flow between the businesses and the ability to react to changes for all parties”.

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