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Pawa2 - real time, any time

EPG Aggregation

Sourcing channels in any format from anywhere

EBS can become a single point of contact through which your platform can deal with schedules for all of your channels. Our editors work with individual broadcasters to chase up and receive schedules in a variety of different formats before importing them into our Pawa scheduling application.

Proofread and double-check

From here we can proofread and double-check content to ensure it adheres to platform requirements as well as fulfil any editorial or translation requirements. Our system is also extremely adept at handling and distributing metadata used in next-generation set-top boxes such as cast, director and year, as well as images that bring the television viewing experience to life.
EPG Aggregation TV Listing Providers

Unique scheduling application

Pawa, our unique scheduling application, is built to deliver EPG data to any platform. A powerful, multi-platform, multi-territory tool, it is fully scalable to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients in the broadcast sector and enables us to effectively manage your schedules no matter where they appear.

The flexible system can import listings from a variety of formats, storing them in one central location where we can edit and manage data before distributing to wherever listings are required. Not just an application for linear data, Pawa is also capable of providing the data required for Video On Demand (VOD), which is becoming an ever more integral part of the viewing experience.