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Pawa2 - real time, any time


Your schedules in high resolution

Next-generation, connected TV services allow providers to offer a much richer experience to viewers, with images particularly enhancing traditional programme guides and content discovery services.

Storing multiple, high resolution images

As a result, many platforms both linear and non-linear now require pictures alongside programme information. This, whilst improving the user experience for viewers, can prove a headache for channels and platforms alike in sourcing, organising and distributing high-quality images.

Pawa is capable of storing multiple, high resolution images at programme, series and even episodic level. When distributing, content hierarchies can be established, ensuring that if an episode-specific image is not available, a series or programme image can be used instead. This makes certain that your programmes consistently stand out from the crowd.

Our skilled editorial team are experts in working with press teams and websites to source appropriate, licensed images for use in the EPG, be it on platform, online, apps or elsewhere.